Professional Training

Every Industry has a different requirement and approach from Guards, Bouncers, Officers and PSO’s. We train each type according to the industry they choose.

Professional Education

Just getting trained in combat or physical strength does not mean the guards know what to look for and where. If a threat can’t be detected then what’s the point of training.

Professional Grooming

All Employees are well groomed and given extensive hygine management training with proper tool to ensure they look and stay fresh all day.


RS SECURITY SERVICES will ensure that you have the best of services and your security audit/ requirements are looked after by our professionals. RS SECURITY SERVICES ensure that our Security staff turns out properly at all times. Our endeavor will always be to:-

Provide quality security staff at rates which actually help cost reduction in the area of outsourcing.
Enhance your company’s image and in turn help in establishing good relationship with your own valued customers.